About the Bench Boost Site

Welcome to Bench Boost! This site doesn’t have anything to do with improving how much you can bench, unfortunately – this site is all about Fantasy Premier League.

Here, you’ll be able to find a range of tips to help you improve how well you do during the FPL season.

During pre-season, we’ll take a look at the latest signings, players coming up from the Championship, and  the opening fixtures of the season.

A range of general guides can also be found, helpful for beginners. For instance, check out this guide on How to Play FPL – further guides will stem from this, providing more detailed information and strategies revolving around the core aspects of the game.

During the season, the focus will be more on reviewing the latest gameweek, while also planning ahead for future gameweeks. There’ll also be content focused on topics that crop up throughout the season. An example would be this guide to Expected Goals and how they relate to FPL.